Team Member Finance Vacancy for CA/CMA/MBA at Azim Premji Foundation

Azim Premji Foundation is a not-for profit organisation that has been working since 2000 with the elementary education system in rural government schools.

The Foundation began by implementing various programmes to improve educational quality across the country. By 2010 however it became clear that working on a “project” mode was inadequate and it takes continuous effort over many decades for any deep-rooted change to happen. This can only be achieved by establishing “institutions” which are embedded in the local context and can collaborate with local government structures. Thus the idea of setting up District Institutes in field locations came into being.

Today, the Foundation with 1000+ employees has field institutes in 40+ districts across 6 states and 1 union territory (Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Puducherry).

Vacancy Details
Company Name Azim Premji Foundation
Post Name Team Member Finance
Location Bangalore
Qualification CA/CMA/MBA
Experience 08 To 10 Years
Contact Information


1. Support the program team across all grant portfolio’s during various phases of grant life cycle (initial phase of grant application, evaluation of grant budget proposal, actual fund utilization reporting, renewal phase)

2. Draw Scenarios, workflows (input, processes, output) with specific focus on key set of activities for the Grant portfolio:

a) Evaluation of grant budget proposal

b) Determination of what further information to solicit – prior to due diligence, during the course as well as post due diligence.

c) Basic Conceptual understanding of finance management and accounts (operating expenses, Capital vs revenue, interchangeable account heads etc.)

3. Be an “effective, efficient, engaged business partner” vis-à-vis “a scorekeeper” to support the following:

a) Coherence between two forms of expression of grant proposal – Language (Program) and Numbers (Budget)

b) Anchor conversations on ‘Judgement questions’ – adequacy or reasonableness of the costs

c) Common (Shared) understanding of the program logic (design, execution and implementation etc.)

d) Understand the difference in need and relevance of support required by each grant proposal/program staff.

4. Act as an expert for all aspects of financial management and accounting system framework which are critical for assessment of an applicant organization during the grant making process (policies, systems, documentation, compliance, internal control).

5. Engage with grantee organization’s finance and accounts team to understand and assess their existing operating level and scope of maturing therefrom

6. Develop effectiveness in the Philanthropy’s core grant making function (leveraging systems, technology to standardize processes)

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